Munster Mash on KSAL

He still loves driving the ‘Drag-u-la’ and talking about street rods with car fans everywhere – Butch Patrick who played Eddie Munster is in Salina for the 36th Annual Leadsled Spectacular.

Patrick tells KSAL News that he was living in Illinois with a couple of TV show credits to his name when Hollywood called the 7-year-old again in 1964. Producers wanted him to try out for a new family show called “The Munsters.”

“The real fixer was they had hired a kid named Happy Derman and he wasn’t so happy,” Patrick said.

A screentest proved Patrick was the perfect fit as Eddie Munster to round out the cast for the TV series that ran for two years Thursday nights at 7:30 on CBS.

Patrick says he enjoys connecting with fans from across a fifty year span.

“There’s not a lot of shows that three generations can all watch together for wholesome entertainment,” he said.

“Herman kept a job, Lily took care of the house and Grandpa was in the dungeon whipping up something with Igor.”

Patrick added, “The bottom line is we were a very loving family and we had good family values – which holds up well today.”

Friday night many of the Leadsled participants will drag race at the East Crawford Recreation Area.

Saturday night there is a “One Night With Elvis” concert at the Stiefel Theatre, featuring featuring tributes to both Elvis and Roy Orbison.

Erin Murphy, who starred as Tabitha in “Bewitched” will also be appearing with Patrick – who will showing off a couple of custom cars, “Munster Coach”, and the “Drag-u-la” coffin racer.

The 2016 Leadsled Spectacular runs through Sunday in Oakdale Park.