Multiple Kansas Lottery Jackpots at Huge Levels

Along with the Kansas heat index,  multiple Kansas lottery jackpots keep on rising.

According to the Kansas Lottery, no ticket matched all numbers in Monday’s drawing, so the jackpot climbs to a new record of $3.44 million for Wednesday.

The Super Kansas Cash jackpot has been rolling since September 21, 2016, when a Prairie Village player won $3.16 million, a record jackpot at that time. Since that date, 105 tickets have come close to hitting the jackpot by matching the first five numbers, but not the Super Cashball, to win $2,000.

Most recently, one ticket sold in north central Kansas won $2,000 in Monday’s drawing. Two tickets in the July 15 Super Kansas Cash drawing each won $2,000. Those tickets were sold in southwest and northeast Kansas. Click Lottery Regions to see the counties included in each region.

Other jackpots also continue to climb as well:

  • Tuesday night’s Mega Millions jackpot is estimated at $232 million, with a cash option of $143.3 million.
  • Powerball has climbed to an estimated $187 million, with a cash option of $116.4 million.
  • The Hot Lotto jackpot is an estimated $8.44 million. In Hot Lotto, the initial state and federal income withholding taxes are paid by the lottery, so the winner receives the entire advertised jackpot amount.