Mounted Patrol to Conduct Training Exercise

The Saline County Mounted Patrol will be conducting a training exercise in the southeast region of Saline County this weekend, on Saturday.

According to the organization, the scenario will be a search for a lost person. A volunteer will get the opportunity to challenge K9 Marshal on a nearly two mile track that will age overnight. Then they will be “rescued” by the rest of the squad. 

These training exercises are designed to simulate real-life scenarios and enhance the skills and preparedness of the Mounted Patrol team, ensuring the safety and well-being of the community.

They ask the public to give the responders the necessary space to conduct their training effectively. Please refrain from interfering with the exercise.

The Saline County Sheriff’s Mounted Patrol & Rescue Squad is an all-volunteer organization, which dates back to 1952.  Originally The Sheriff’s Posse, the organization has now become the Search and & Rescue Unit for Saline County and surrounding areas.  They have approximately 20 volunteer members of various backgrounds and disciplines from working with large animals, to emergency medical services to scuba diving and ice rescue, confined space, high and low angle rope rescue all in addition to several being sworn deputy sheriff’s officers.