Motorcycle Slides Under Semi; Catches Fire

A motorcycle rider was injured Friday afternoon when he slid his bike underneath a flatbed trailer attached to a tractor-trailer truck, and came to rest between two sets of wheels.

Salina Police Officer David Villanueva told KSAL News at the scene that the truck and trailer were headed west on Gold Road, making a left hand turn to head south on 9th Street toward Interstate 70. Two motorcycles were headed north on 9th Street in the left had lane, or passing lane.

One of the motorcycles went into a long skid, went down onto its side, and slid underneath the trailer. The rider slid away from the motorcycle, and ended up partially underneath the trailer, between two sets of wheels.

The motorcycle rider was transported by EMS to Salina Regional Health Center. He was transferred to a Wichita hospital.

The motorcycle rider, whose name was not immediately available at the scene, was not wearing a helmet.

According to Villanueva, as the motorcycle was being moved to be towed away, it caught fire. Gas leaking from a tank ignited.

An investigation is underway to determine if the truck or the motorcycle was at fault, and if speed played a factor in the crash.

The crash happened Friday afternoon, just north Interstate 70, at the intersection of Gold Road and North 9th Street.


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