Motorcycle Rider Killed in Crash

A motorcycle rider was killed when he was thrown from his bike in a crash on a Kansas highway and then hit be another vehicle.

According to the Kansas Highway Patrol, a Harley Davison Motorcycle and a GMC pickup truck were both headed west on K92 Highway in Jefferson County.

The pickup was stopped in traffic waiting for a vehicle to turn left. As the motorcycle came up from behind, the rider applied the brakes hard to avoid a crash and lost control of the bike. Both the rider and a passenger  were thrown from the motorcycle.

The rider was then struck by an oncoming Ford passenger car and killed. The passenger suffered suspected serious injuries and was transported to a Topeka hospital.

The rider is identified as 33-year-old Micaleb Hayes. The passenger is identified as 31-year-old  Katy Hayes. Both are from Topeka. Neither was wearing a helmet.

No one else was hurt in the incident.

The crash happened Friday afternoon at around 2:00 in Jefferson County on K92 Highway westbound milepost 2, or .2 miles East of K4 Highway.





Vehicle 1 and 2 were traveling Wea stbound on K92. Vehicle 2  on to Greenview Dr. Driver 1