More Waterpark Regulations?

In the wake of the tragic accidental death of a 10-year-old boy at Schlitterbahn Waterpark on Sunday, questions are surfacing about regulations of pools and waterparks around the country.

“Yea, the news from Kansas City at Schlitterbahn, that’s disturbing,” said Salina City Manager Jason Gage.

“We have not heard all the story to that – so we really don’t know exactly what happened yet.”

Gage joined in on the KSAL Morning News for his monthly on-air visit and touched on numerous topics including waterpark safety.

“There’s some regulation for the traditional swimming pool, but I’m not aware, at least in Kansas – and I’m going to assume most other states. I’m not aware that there is a so-called safety inspection for all the features of a major waterpark,” Gage said.

“You kind of rely on your designers, your engineer and that type of thing to make sure that stuff works right.”

Gage pointed out that staff at Kenwood Cove in Salina is trained to keep the public safe, “That’s why we have lifeguards at every bend and corner,” he said.

The 168-foot waterslide at Schlitterbahn Waterpark remains closed as the investigation into the accident continues.