“More Than You Think Scholarships” Awarded

OCCK has awarded $2,500 in scholarships to five area seniors.

According to the organization, the new scholarship was established as part of the 50th Anniversary celebration of OCCK in 2020, as a long-term reminder of the good work that past generations have done, and that future generations will do, in working with people with disabilities in north central Kansas.

The following recipients were awarded $500 each:

  1. Luke Hager, Abilene, attending Kansas Wesleyan University
  2. Macayla East, Abilene, attending Colby Community College
  3. Cayden Cassel, Salina, attending Wichita State University
  4. Trisha Crumpton, Salina, attending Fort Hays State University
  5. Ethan Brown, Salina, attending Kansas State University

The “More Than You Think Scholarship” recognizes and honors students in north central Kansas from Saline, Ottawa, Cloud, Republic, Jewell, Mitchell, Lincoln, Ellsworth, or Dickinson Counties, who have a disability and are looking to further their education by enrolling in some type of post-secondary learning opportunity (college, university, community college, vocational school, cosmetology school, etc.)  Any type of credentialed program is considered.

“We are excited to announce our first round of scholarship recipients.  We believe in the importance of education for all people, and we’re thankful for the opportunity to help these students,” said Shelia Nelson-Stout, President/CEO of OCCK. “OCCK is very proud of its 50-year history of service to families and communities, and this scholarship allows us to give back.”

OCCK, Inc. provides services in north central Kansas to anyone with any type of long or short-term disability, starting as early as birth and following people through their whole lives.  OCCK provides an array of supports for success at home and in the community, including independent living skills and supports, employment and career training, Alzheimer’s supports, autism services, assistive technology, children’s services, transportation, specialized therapies, and home health care.  In 2020, OCCK, Inc. celebrated 50 years of service to north central Kansas.