More Input on Jerry Ivey Park Pond Sought

The City of Salina is seeking more input to address issues with the pond at Jerry Ivey Park. The park, located at 2464 Edward St. is home to the  pond which has several issues that need to be dealt with.
According to the city, Jerry Ivey Park is a popular destination for passive recreation and leisure, along with weddings, reunions, and parties.
In the center of the park is Jerry Ivey Memorial Park Pond, which includes a water feature, surrounding path, and views from the gazebo and pier. The pond is 25 years old and is in need of repair, replacement, or removal. It is experiencing the following:
  • Deteriorating perimeter and surrounding walls
  • Sidewalk settling
  • A large geese population
  • Debris trapped on the surface
  • Poor water quality and algae growth
  • An old and weathered wood pier
  • An inactive adjacent waterfall feature
  •  Overgrown plantings and landscape
The poor water quality and algae growth are believed to be caused by several factors. There is a lack of fresh water naturally flowing to the pond, requiring that the bulk of the water be supplied from a well to maintain water levels.
Additionally, shallow depths with sunlight exposure and warm water temperatures, along with the geese population occupying the pond, contribute to discoloration and algae growth. There is a lack of screening or collecting of debris which contributes to the accumulation of debris on the surface of the water.
There are five different options being considered. They include:
  • Concept A – focus on restoring the pond, adjacent waterfall feature, water quality, walls, and sidewalk. “Reconstruct what you have.” Estimated Project Cost: $915,000
  • Concept B – remove the pond and repurpose into open green space. Estimated Project Cost: $530,000
  • Concept C – remove the pond and repurpose into a plaza area with enhanced park features throughout. Estimated Project Cost: $970,000
  • Concept D –  reduce the overall pond size and repair adjacent waterfall feature. Remove the gazebo and add a plaza area with arbor structure and in-ground sprays. Estimated Project Cost: $1.5 Million
  • Concept E –  substantially reduce the overall pond size, repair adjacent waterfall feature, and keep the gazebo. Estimated Project Cost: $625,000
In 2018 the City of Salina conducted a Parks and Recreation Masterplan to study existing offerings and determine priorities for future growth and improvement. From this study, Jerry Ivey Memorial Park ranked number 9 out of 187 for projects to be addressed.
You can participate in the Jerry Ivey Memorial Park Pond Survey at: