Monkey Injured During Break-In Dies

A tiny monkey which was injured during a break-in at a Kansas zoo has died.

A capuchin monkey named Vern who was injured during a suspected break in back on September 3rd at the Wright Park Zoo in Dodge City. Officer’s conducting the investigation at the time suspected someone gained access to the enclosure and injured the older monkey as he tried to protect his offspring from being taken.

According to the zoo, Vern was found unresponsive by staff early Tuesday morning. While the zoo’s contracted veterinarian did everything they could to revive him, he passed away at the vet clinic.

The cause of his sudden decline is unknown at this time; however, a necropsy will be done to try and determine the cause.

Vern came to the Wright Park Zoo in 1988 with a female, Charro, both 1-year-old at the time of their arrival. The pair had at least four offspring, and their two youngest sons, Jack and Pickett, are part of the current capuchin troop at the Zoo. Capuchin monkeys are native to South America and live mostly in trees, only coming to the ground occasionally for food and water. Their populations are declining in the wild as they face threats of deforestation, habitat loss, and capture for the pet trade.