Minneapolis Handles Burrton in The Second Round of The Eli J Walter Tournament

Minneapolis was forced to forfeit the first round match-up of the tournament because of poor weather conditions, and found themselves in a game with 8 seed Burrton on the losing side of the bracket. Burrton came into the game with a lot of intensity, and got out to an early lead. A three from McKinsie Hoopes early in the game got the chargers going, and 4 straight free throws by Alexis Zehr meant an early deficit for the Lions. They quickly over came this however, and continued to build their lead throughout the first half. Karisma Vignery knocked down three long balls, along with a 2 pointer and a free throw to lead the team in scoring for the first half (12). The Lions went into halftime with a 21 point lead, 36-15.

After the first half, the Lions came out and continued the stellar offensive performance, and paired it with aggressive defensive play. They scored another 20 points to the Chargers 6, and built their lead to 35 by the end of the 3rd quarter (56-21).

The fourth quarter was a wash, as both teams sent some new faces onto the court to get some varsity action. The Chargers played hard till the last second however, with a couple last second steals tacking on a few extra points in the closing seconds. The Lions advance to the 5th place game on Saturday with a final score of 60-32.