Mentorships Inspire Future Healthcare Professionals

Salina Public Schools recently hosted a luncheon in partnership with local medical providers to underscore the significance of nurturing the next generation of healthcare professionals.

According to the District, the event brought together esteemed doctors, nurses, specialists, surgeons, school counselors and medical investigations instructors. The vital role of mentorship in shaping the future of healthcare was discussed.

During the luncheon, counselors and instructors engaged in dynamic conversations with medical practitioners, emphasizing the immeasurable value of hands-on learning experiences and opportunities for students to shadow medical professionals.

Dr. Curtis Stevens, director of secondary education at Salina Public Schools, explained, “When we work together to create mentorship programs, students gain a profound understanding of the medical field and a sense of confidence in their own abilities.”

Through these programs, students obtain invaluable insights into the skills required to pursue a successful career in the healthcare industry.

“By connecting students with experienced medical experts, we provide them with the guidance and support needed to navigate their journey toward a fulfilling future in healthcare,” said Stevens.

Salina Public Schools remains committed to fostering the next generation of medical leaders through innovative mentorship programs.

For more information about Salina Public Schools and their mentorship initiatives, please contact Curtis Stevens, email [email protected] or phone 785-309-4739.



Photos courtesy USD 305