Men Arrested after Fight with Hammers

Two Salina men are facing charges after an argument at work turns into an altercation with hammers in a retail store’s parking lot.

According to Police Captain Jim Feldman, 36 year old Christian Dionicio-Reyes and 46 year old Cristobal Lopez-Ramirez were fighting with hammers at the Dollar General parking lot located on 840 E Crawford. Police say the fight began at a worksite Wednesday morning and both were told to leave.

They proceeded to the Dollar General parking lot to continue the altercation.

Police say Dionicio-Reyes then retrieved a hammer from his truck and approached Lopez-Ramirez who was seated in his truck.

Allegedly Dionicio-Reyes began hitting Lopez-Ramirez with a hammer and Ramirez exited his vehicle to get a hammer out of his truck to fight back.

Reyes’ phone fell on the ground during the fight and Ramirez proceeded to destroy the phone.

Dionicio-Reyes is charged with aggravated battery and failure to appear in district court. Lopez-Ramirez is facing charges of aggravated assault and felony criminal damage to property.