McPherson Resident Shoots Intruder

An intruder was shot as he was trying to enter a home in McPherson early Easter morning.

According to the McPherson Police Depaartment, Sunday at 3:29 AM officers responded to a shooting which occured in the 400 Block of East Avenue A.

According to McPherson Police Chief Mikel Golden, a 41 year old male was at home when he heard someone trying to get into his residence. The homeowner went to the door with his firearm. The male suspect attempted to enter the residence and the homeowner fired his weapon one time, hitting the suspect in the abdomen.

McPherson EMS transported the male suspect to the McPherson Hospital. The male suspect was later transferred to Hutchinson Regional Hospital with serious but non life threatening injuries.

There is no danger to the public as this was an isolated incident.

This investigation is ongoing by the McPherson Police Department. If anyone has any information about this incident they are encouraged to contact the McPherson Police Department.

As always, we ask our residents to remember the #9pm routine. Keep your vehicles, residences, and garages locked and keep your valuables secured and out of sight.