Mann Selected to Serve On House Ag Committee

A U.S. Representative from Kansas will be on the House Agriculture Committee.

U.S. Rep., Tracy Mann, Kan., announced on Monday that he was selected to the committee for the U.S. House of Representatives.

Mann released the following statement:

“I ran for Congress with clear intentions of advocating for Kansas agriculture and our conservative Kansas
values. I am thrilled that I have been selected to serve on the House Agriculture Committee. With
60,000 farms in Kansas, agriculture dominates our economy and is crucial to our way of life. The Big First
is made up of farmers, ranchers, feed lot managers, nutritionists, ethanol producers, ag lenders, and
agribusiness owners who feed, fuel, and clothe the world.
My roots in agriculture run deep. I grew up on a farm just south of Quinter, Kansas, and every person in
my family has been involved in production agriculture in some way. I spent thousands of hours on a
tractor and working on my family’s feed yard. I understand agriculture and have a passion for our rural
way of life. The values of faith, family, and caring for our neighbors are alive and well, and I will continue
working to preserve them for future generations.
As Congress becomes increasingly more urban, the distance from farm to fork has never been greater. It
is vital to advocate for agriculture and rural America. I hit the ground running and have already made
significant progress in our Nation’s Capital advancing issues that impact Kansas agriculture. I will focus
on three priorities in my work on the House Agriculture Committee:
1. Protect and Strengthen Crop Insurance: Agriculture faces risks and uncertainty unlike any
other industry, and we must make sure that producers have the tools needed to manage this
2. Stop Regulatory and Administrative Overreach: I will push back on regulations, conduct
oversight as the Biden Administration introduces executive orders, and work to stop overreach
from USDA, EPA, Interior, and other federal agencies.
3. Increase Trade: I will promote free and fair trade around the world and work for increased
market access. Trade is essential to increase demand and thus prices for our farmers and
ranchers, which in turn also helps main street businesses and strengthens communities across
the Big First. I want to focus on a long-term approach to trade. We need to be thinking today
about our agriculture trading partners three, five and 10 years down the road.
For a farm kid like me, serving on the House Agriculture Committee is an incredible honor. I promise to
work hard to advocate for agriculture and our conservative Kansas Values. “