Man Tased, Removed from Camper

A residential fire – sparks a confrontation between a Salina man and Salina firefighters.

According to Police Captain Jim Feldman, officers were providing scene security for the Fire Department as they worked to suppress the flames Tuesday night in the 200 block of North Penn Avenue.

Police say as crews were working a male tried to enter the home and was denied access. He then took off his shirt and told firefighters he would beat them up. A short time later, police officers located 33-year-old James Coffman inside a camper in the backyard.

Coffman was told he was under arrest and reportedly did not follow commands to exit the camper. He then yelled at officers to shoot him and told them they needed more help.

Police entered the camper, and Tased him while he continued to resist, resulting in a small cut to his head. Coffman was taken to the hospital where he was treated and released. While there – he allegedly continued to threaten officers.

He’s now facing multiple charges which could include unlawful interference with firefighters while in the performance of their duty, and Interference with law enforcement.