Man Rescued From Solomon Water Tower

Salina Firefighters rescued a man who fell into the water tower in Solomon Tuesday.

First responders were sent to Solomon during the noon hour to the report of a man who had fallen about 30 feet into the water tower.

Abilene Fire Chief Bob Sims says that a worker inspecting the inside of the tower was climbing out, when he slipped and fell back inside. When Abilene firefighters arrived, they realized that they would need some assistance.

Solomon Public Works Director Dan Britt says that the tower had been drained for a routine inspection and maintenance. The worker was just finishing, when the accident happened.

Larry Hemphill from the Salina Fire Department says that their technical rescue team responded. They climbed to the top of the tower, secured the victim onto a stretcher, and ended up lowering him down through a large pipe that would ordinarily be pumping water into the tower.

The victim did not have any apparent serious injuries. Hemphill says that he was complaining of some back pain, but was otherwise alert and verbal. He was transported by EMS to the hospital.

Britt says that the victim was in the water tower for about two hours before he was finally brought down.

Firefighters from Saline and Dickinson County responded to the incident, as did the Fort Riley Fire Department.