Man Charged With Stealing Money From Grandmother

A Salina man was arrested after stealing over $1,000 from his grandmother.

According to Salina Police Capt. Paul Forrester, the theft occurred twice over the course of two days on October 27 and 28.

Forrester says that 36-year-old, Jeremy Tryon, asked his grandmother, Deloris Brown, 85-years-old of Salina, for a $50 check on October 27. His grandmother approved and gave him a signed blank check.

Tryon then went to Central National Bank at 454 S. Ohio and filled out the check for $900 to himself. Tryon owed the bank $206.50, so he paid off that charge, opened up an account by putting $50 in and cashed the rest for $643.

On the following day, October 28, Tryon did the same thing. He went to his grandmother to ask for a $50 check. Once again, she handed him a signed blank check, which he then went back to same bank to deposit $700 after writing the check to himself.

The bank became suspicious and notified authorities. When they contacted Brown, she told them that she had only authorized her grandson to have only $100. Brown is now out $1,600.

Tryon was arrested at his home at 715 N. 9th on Tuesday and was charged with felony theft.