Man Charged with Cruelty to Animals

A dog with a broken leg is being cared for at the animal shelter after concerned citizens called police about a man displaying bizarreĀ  behavior with a pit bull.

Salina Police Sergeant Kyle Tonniges tells KSAL News that 29-year-old Brandon Lunde was taken into custody on Monday morning. A witness told police he saw him swinging the dog by the leg in the area of Dillon’s Grocery Store around 7:30am.

Another person reported he told them the dog had a broken leg – then swung the animal by the leg onto his back like a backpack.

Lunde reportedly threw a loaf of bread in the store and broke a glass jar of food before leaving.

About an hour later, officers contacted Lunde near Long MacArthur Ford on S. 9th and said he was upset and took a fighting stance against an animal shelter employee. When officers attempted to arrest Lunde he resisted and refused to be handcuffed.

He was arrested for cruelty to animals, criminal damage to property, assault and interference with law enforcement.