Man Arrested in Donut Scrape

Police arrested a Salina man for driving recklessly near a group of people lined up for donuts on Thursday morning.

Captain Mike Sweeney tells KSAL News that officers arrested 53-year-old Hong Kim after interviewing him at the police station Thursday afternoon.

Police responded to the parking lot at the Elmore Center, 755 E. Crawford around 7:30am to the report of a man driving near a crowd of people lined up to buy breakfast from the Hurts Donut truck.

Witnesses told police that Kim drove his Isuzu Amigo SUV toward the people, bumped a product table while customers in the crowd shouted for him to stop.

Police say he then sped away.

Witnesses identified to KSAL News at the scene the driver of the vehicle as an owner of a Salina donut shop. This same owner has previously showed up at locations in Salina where Hurts Donut was selling from, and voiced his displeasure that the Wichita donut shop was selling in Salina.

Police are now requesting charges of aggravated assault, endangering a child and reckless driving.

Captain Sweeney says that there was no damage to the table, and no one was hurt.