Stolen Marijuana Leads to Arrest

A Salina man was arrested Monday evening after his vehicle was burglarized, and police discovered marijuana in his backpack that was later recovered.

Police allege that between 8:17 and 9:00 in the evening 15-year-old Kalub Rowson committed two vehicle burglaries, one in the 500 Block of Sunset and one in the 300 Block of W. Beloit.

In the burglary on Sunset a black backpack was stolen. Inside it was personal use marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

In the burglary on W. Beloit items including a folding knife, a boot knife, a hatchet, a Nintendo DS and game, a Star Wars belt, and a Visa debit card were all taken.

In both cases, the cars were left unlocked.

Police arrested Rowson in connection with the burglaries, and recovered all of the stolen items.

Police also arrested the owner of the backpack containing the marijuana. He is identified at 25-year-old Evan Taylor.