Man Accused of Using Fake Checks and IDs

A North Carolina man is accused of using fake checks and IDs at Kansas businesses.

The Barton County Sheriff’s Office says 65-year-old Roger Kornegay was arrested in Oberlin on Tuesday.

On February 14th the agency began investigating a scam / fraudulent check case involving at least one local business. The individual in question would write checks at businesses, produce proper identification and buy large quantities of merchandise. It would be later discovered the checks and identification were forged.

The Sheriff’s Office detective division immediately began an investigation and after a period of time was able to identify the suspect as Roger Kornegay. Kornegay had been recently released from federal parole.

Investigators discovered Kornegay had been using more than 25 aliases. He has a criminal history involving financial crimes.

Kornegay is a resident of Mount Olive, North Carolina. Kornegay is 65 years of age.

Detectives had obtained a warrant for his arrest and have been in the process of tracking his location for several weeks.

The Sheriff’s Office received information that Kornegay was in Nebraska possibly headed to Oberlin, Kansas. With the assistance of the Decatur County Sheriff’s Office and the Oberlin Police Department, Kornegay was arrested on a Barton County District Court Warrant for forgery and theft.

This case is ongoing, and it is anticpated that several other jurisdictions will be filing charges.