Lotto, Meth Arrest

A Kansas Lottery scratch ticket winner is jailed in Salina.

Police arrested 20-year-old Nicholas Rodish of Denver on Tuesday morning after a clerk at Rod’s Travel Center #8, 2140 W. Crawford, contacted authorities about a man’s suspicious behavior.

Police say Rodish entered the store around 1am and made multiple attempts to purchase lottery tickets and cigarettes with a number of different credit cards. He finally managed to produce a card that worked – and bought $2,000 in Lottery tickets, $451 worth of cigarettes and withdrew $500 in cash.

Rodish then scratched off $500 in winning tickets before leaving the store with a woman in a silver Dodge Dart and a U-Haul.

Police traced the couple to the parking lot at the Baymont Inn, 1740 W. Crawford and found Rodish in the U-Haul with a meth pipe.

Further investigation led to the discovery of a credit card embossing machine used to make bogus financial cards and the arrest of Jodee Wallace, 48 of Winnetka, California.

Police say Wallace had attempted to use the fake cards to rent a room at the motel, but finally paid in cash.

The couple is now facing charges of theft and criminal use of a financial card.

Drug charges have also been requested for Rodish.