Look Twice For Motorcycles

A Salina man suffers various injuries after a teen failed to yield on Friday night.

According to Salina Police Captain Paul Forrester: Around 6:00 PM Friday night at the corner of N. 9th St. and Lincoln, a west bound Chrysler 300 failed to see the south bound Harley Davidson.

Driving the 2010 Chrysler was an 18-year old male from Solomon. He allegedly stopped at the corner but didn’t see the motorcycle until it was too late. The front end of his vehicle sustained some damage but the young driver was uninjured.

The 51-year old motorcyclist was ejected from his 2004 Harley Davidson which later burst into flames. He was taken to the Salina Regional Medical Center after sustaining serious injuries and later transferred to Wichita.  The man has since been released but is still recovering.

This accident is still being investigated by the Salina Police Department. The full list of charges has not been released at this time.