Longhorns Return to Abilene

The history book will open its pages on the streets of Abilene this weekend as the community rolls into the year-long Chisholm Trail 150th Celebration.

“We’re bringing the Longhorn back,” said Michael Hook, Event Coordinator in Abilene.

“They are coming in from Oklahoma and they have about 25 to 30 head and we’re going to bring them right down Cedar Street.”

Hook explained the Longhorns will run a route about 13 blocks long going north to south.

“It’s a little off the beaten track, we usually do parades on Buckeye but Cedar is where the Longhorn actually would have been on,” he said.

The celebration begins Friday evening with the Kansas Brigade Band at 7pm.

Saturday morning welcomes visitors with a 7am Chuckwagon Breakfast.

The Longhorn Drive is at 6pm, a fireworks show ends Saturdays events at 9:30pm.

Sunday has Cowboy Church and steam engine train rides.

For a complete schedule visit www.AbileneKansas.org