Long Road to Recovery

About 75 residents affected by Monday’s flash flood in Lindsborg, gathered at the town’s middle school Thursday night to get an update from city officials.

City Administrator Greg DuMars told the group that having FEMA declare the event a disaster are slim.

“The bench marks for initial declarations deal with public infrastructure, either losses, damages or expenses related to the disaster,” he said. With an aim at beginning that process, McPherson County on Thursday declared the flooding in Lindsborg and around the county a disaster.

The 2-plus hour meeting was the first chance for many of the families who have been focused on cleaning up the mud in their basements to gather and ask questions.

Many were seeking peace of mind that more rain – won’t bring another wall of water to their north Lindsborg neighborhood.

DuMars told the group that the channel, located about 1/2 west of town performed well during the storm that hit on July 25th with about 5-inches of rain.

Four days later, an estimated 4.5 to 5-inches fell in a little more than an hour, over topping the channel.

“That channel was not designed for two, 200-year events,” he said.

The City of Lindsborg oversees the levy that was constructed in the late 1980’s and upon a post-flood inspection had no gaps or holes found in the earthwork.

Moving ahead

The City of Lindsborg is waving permit fees for contractors to begin work. All contractors must still check in with the city and obtain proper permits before any construction begins.

Hazardous waste like paint and gasoline in a proper container can be left at the curb for free pickup. Appliances can also be
left on the curb for free removal.

Free tetnis shots are available Friday August 2nd, for residents affected by the flood and ‘clean up volunteers’ at a tent located at 425 W. Garfield. Monday tetnis shots will be free at Lindsborg’s City Hall.

Saturday, August 3rd “The Flood of Love” Community Potluck Dinner with be held at Swenson Park from 3pm to 6pm.

The City of Lindsborg is posting updates on their website for those affected by the flash flood at www.LindsborgCity .org