Local Routes on Google Transit and Apple Maps

Area regional fixed route transportation service data is now available through Google Maps and Apple Maps.

According to OCCK Transportation, this will allow riders to plan trips and get directions using our transit service from Abilene to Salina easily with a smart phone or computer.

OCCK Transportation is one of only a handful of transit agencies in Kansas to join Google Maps and Apple Maps with transit data. They hope their participation will encourage current ridership and expand KanConnect, 81 Connection and CityGo to new active riders.

By showing the “Public Transit” link in every search for driving directions, Google Maps and Apple Maps is helping to promote public transit by informing drivers of the possible transit services they could utilize.

The Google Maps service can be used on computers by going to the Google Maps website or on mobile phones and devices that use the Google Maps app.

The Apple Maps service can be used on Apple mobile phones and devices that use the Apple Maps app.

Both the KanConnect and the 81 Connection information is also coordinated with CityGo, so passengers can completely get to their destination.

OCCK, Inc. provides services in north central Kansas to anyone with any type of long or short-term disability, starting as early as birth and following people through their whole lives. OCCK provides an array of supports for success at home and in the community, including independent living skills and supports, employment and career training, Alzheimer’s supports, autism services, assistive technology, children’s services, transportation, specialized therapies, and home health care.

OCCK is committed to providing transportation services to the general public, seniors, and persons with disabilities, through a variety of programs, including a fixed route service in Salina, CityGo, a regional paratransit service that serves fourteen counties, non emergency medical transportation for people with Medicaid, as well as non emergency medical transportation for clients of Salina Regional Health Center, a regional fixed route service, 81 Connection, KANcycle – the regional bike sharing program, City of Abilene public transportation and the newest program, KanConnect.