Local Input Still Sought on Broadband Access

In today’s digital age, reliable broadband access is essential for economic growth, education, healthcare, and overall quality of life. To address broadband deficiencies and enhance connectivity throughout the county, Saline County has contracted with Design Nine, Inc. of Blacksburg, VA, to conduct a comprehensive broadband study.

Design Nine will examine existing broadband assets offered by local telecom providers and cable companies. The analysis will cover the types of broadband services available, usage patterns, and, most importantly, gaps in coverage. Based on this data, Design Nine will propose strategies for improving broadband services in Saline County.

Call to Action:

The success of this project is completely dependent upon your participation. We urge every resident and business owner to complete the broadband surveys to provide the essential data needed to shape the future of broadband in Saline County. The data collected will empower local leaders and stakeholders to make informed decisions about expanding broadband access in Saline County.


Resident Survey
Business Survey


No internet? No problem:

Paper surveys will also be available at select locations throughout the county to gather broadband coverage information from those who may not have the ability to fill the survey out online.


Print the survey to share with your friends and neighbors without internet access!


Resident Survey PDF
Business Survey PDF
Español PDF


Let’s talk:

Andrew Cohill, PhD, President and CEO of Design Nine, Inc., and Jack Maytum, Senior Broadband Analyst for Design Nine, will visit Saline County from June 24 to 28.

They will host community forums throughout the community that week.

Topics will include:

·     Is broadband a luxury or a necessary utility?

·     What’s the best broadband option for Saline County?

·     How will better broadband be funded?

See below for currently scheduled community forums, or email [email protected] to schedule one in your area!

Funded by $48,000 in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds, this study is crucial for identifying service gaps and developing strategies to improve broadband access.

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