Local Company Sponsors NASCAR Driver At Kansas Speedway

Blake and Lydia Housh of Beloit, Kansas didn’t know what the weekend would bring when they headed to NASCAR’s SpongeBob Squarepants 400 on May 9th. They were excited to attend the race and festivities, hoping for the lucky chance to get an autograph from Jeff Gordon in his final season.

“I’ve been a NASCAR fan since I can remember. Gordon was always my favorite so when my wife and I scheduled to attend last weekend’s race, I was more than excited to go. I thought maybe we’d have the chance to meet some drivers and get some behind the scene’s looks… but I never thought our business name would end up on the hood of a car in the NASCAR race!” said Blake Housh co-owner of Becker Autos & Trailers in Beloit.

The Houshes went to attend the qualifying and truck races on Friday, May 8th. They purchased FinishLine passes to be able to take a tour of the pits. While watching the inspection process, they noticed the #98 car of Josh Wise had a blank hood. They decided to jump at the far chance of getting Becker Autos & Trailers name on it. Lydia Housh, co-owner of Becker Autos & Trailers, quickly grabbed a business card and handed it to a guy on the crew. She told them if they wanted a sponsor, Becker Autos & Trailers would be interested. It wasn’t more than 10 minutes later and #98 Josh Wise’s director of marketing came out to the fan walk and grabbed the Houshes and took them back to the hauler. She asked Blake and Lydia how quickly they could have a logo sent and where they wanted their name.

“I said the hood of course” said Lydia Housh.

The director of marketing got in touch with a printing company to have the logo printed on Saturday morning prior to the race; by 2:00 the race car would be the Becker Autos & Trailers number #98 Josh Wise car.

Blake was so excited he immediately started making phone calls to all his relatives and also owner of Becker Autos, Alvin Becker.
“At first, Alvin thought we were joking around” said Blake Housh. “But then, he headed up towards the race track to take in the sponsor experience. We met several different drivers and crew members. We walked behind the scenes, and sat in the pit box with Wise’s crew chief for the Kansas Speedway event. It was so surreal, but so real! To be a Kansas business sponsoring a NASCAR Sprint Cup car at a Kansas Speedway race was awesome”

The Houshes always talked about how awesome it would be to have their business name on the hood of a NASCAR Sprint Cup car while watching the races, joking about what it would cost and it being a dream they never thought they’d achieve.

“We’re proud of how the #98 team represented us and have so much respect for what they achieve. They moved up over 10 spots from the start, even with damage from getting hit. It was a strong finish and we can’t wait to follow him more throughout the season! The whole event was an experience of a lifetime. I never thought when I started this small business over 30 years ago, Becker Autos would have an opportunity like this!” said Alvin Becker, owner of Becker Autos.

Becker Autos & Trailers is a used vehicle and new trailer dealer in Downs and Beloit. To find out more about Becker Autos & Trailers check out their facebook page or go to beckerautos.com. Becker Autos & Trailers sells new Aluma, BigTex, FinishLine, Midsota, Bourbon Grain Trailers, Sundowner, CarryOn, Sharp, Titan and Hillsboro Trailers.
Josh Wise, the #98 sprint cup car driver, can be followed on facebook or twitter @Josh_Wise or online at joshwiseracing.com.

Story by: Lydia Housh / Becker Autos & Trailers


Blake and Lydia Housh with the Becker Autos & Trailers #98 Ford Fusion (courtesy photo)

Blake and Lydia Housh with the Becker Autos & Trailers #98 Ford Fusion (courtesy photo)