Lincoln County Man Scammed

An elderly Lincoln County man has fallen victim to a telephone scam.

Salina Police say that a man in his 80s received a phone call on Monday morning, informing him that his granddaughter had been involved in a DUI related crash in Salina. He was told that someone in the other vehicle was killed in the crash, and that he would receive another call soon.

A short time later the man received a call from someone claiming to be an attorney named “Nicole Smith.” He was told that if he paid $1,545 in cash, the attorney could get his granddaughter out of any charges related to the DUI crash.

The man traveled to Salina, where he wired the money to Jersey City, New Jersey. After sending the money, he had second thoughts and unsuccessfully tried to stop the transaction.

The man contacted Salina Police, who quickly determined that there had been no crash and that the man had been scammed.

Total loss, including a transaction fee, is $1,563.