License Tag Fees Increasing July 1st

Effective July 1st, 2016, motor vehicle tag registration fees will increase to $3.25, in order to support the Kansas Highway Patrol and Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center.  This was done in an effort to increase hiring in the agency, the KHP will receive $2 of the increased fee and the remainder will go to the KLETC for training.

The mailing of the July renewals will be delayed from mid-June until July 1 in order to add the increase. All transactions received (by mail) and processed July 1 and after will be subject to the increased fee. This means if someone mails in their renewal before July 1 and we receive it on July 1 or after, it will be returned for the additional fee. The postmarks do not apply as they have in the past.

This is what the Department of Revenue has instructed the Saline County Treasurer’s Office to do, as they will update the computers to handle the new fees after 5:00 on June 30 and we have no way to avoid collection of the fees shown.

Those that would like to go online and renew their July tags early to avoid the extra fee may do so. To get the information or to print your renewal notice prior to July 1 you may go to:,1,9Fr3EESiunu1kHxtVncczS3i9NCACz45sjDKPrb2LjtaIWxXc6Dx2HMhWQX7kvkyW4IlZpkEIwkK12EMMdBAeq8E4IfoLERI71OBIxzI_F-pxRA,&typo=1

If you have multiple vehicles, you may not be listed on the same renewal form and you will need to look them up by those tag numbers.