UPDATE: Suspicious Letters Extend Beyond Kansas

An investigation regarding a series of dozens of suspicious letters sent to Kansas lawmakers is expanding outside the state. The list of intended recipients of suspicious white powder letters is growing beyond those in Kansas.

Authorities including the FBI and the KBI  have been investigating as roughly 100 letters have been sent to Kansas state officials since late last week.

Similar letters containing a cryptic note and a “suspicious powdery substance” were also addressed to high-profile figures like former President Trump and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. The U.S Postal Inspection Service intercepted them before they were delivered.

Initial tests on the powder have come back presumptive negative for any biological substance.

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ORIGINAL: The Kansas Bureau of Investigation and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are investigating after numerous Kansas legislators received suspicious letters in the mail beginning Friday.

According to the KBI, as of Sunday evening  approximately 100 letters  containing suspicious white powder have been received by elected officials across the state of Kansas.

A small sample of the letters containing powder was sent to a laboratory that specializes in testing biological samples. Preliminary tests have returned from this lab indicating the substance is presumptively negative for common biological agents of concern. Further and more complete testing will be conducted on this sample, as well as on additional letters that have been collected, in an effort to determine the components of the substance.

The investigation is ongoing.