Leap Day Thursday

Today is February 29th, an event that only happens once every four years. It’s leap day.

Leap day is an extra day added to the calendar every fourth February to keep our seasons from getting out of whack. Everyone knows a year is 365 days long but that’s not exactly accurate. It actually takes the Earth about 365 and one-quarter days to travel around the sun.

To keep the extra time from throwing things off, the Romans decided a couple thousand years ago to add an extra day every four years. The Pope made some slight adjustments in the 1500s but Leap Years have stayed with us ever since.

Some companies are offering freebies and deals to mark the occasion. Deals include:

  • Burger King’s rewards program Royal Perks members can score four times the points (aka Crowns) on up to three orders that are placed online or in-app. The offer is valid at participating Burger King restaurants.
  • Chipotle guests can get a free side of guac with offer code “extra-24” when ordering online or in the restaurant’s app.
  • Krispy Kreme is offering a dozen original glazed donuts for $2.29 with the purchase of any dozen at regular price.
  • Marco’s Pizza locations are offering 29 percent off regularly-priced pizzas today through March third with online coupon code “Leap 29”.
  • Papa Murphy’s is offering customers 29% off with a $20 online purchase using the code LEAP24 on Feb. 29.
  • Wendy’s customers can try the chain’s new Cinnabon Pull-Apart for free during breakfast hours Thursday morning, while supplies last.