Last Day For Seniors

Thursday was an emotional day for some students, and teachers, at several school in Salina and Saline County. It was the last day of classes for seniors at USD 305 schools including Salina Central High School, Salina South High School, and  USD 306 Southeast of Saline High School.

The seniors from South and Central  will participate in graduation rehearsals on Friday. Commencement ceremonies for both schools are then on Sunday at the Tony’s Pizza Events Center. Salina Central graduates at 2:00, while Salina South graduates at 5:00.

Seniors at Southeast of Saline will also participate in graduation rehearsals on Friday. Commencement will be  Sunday afternoon at 2:30.

All of the other high schools and colleges in Salina and Saline County including Kansas Wesleyan University, K-State Salina, the KU School of Medicine and Nursing, Salina Area Technical College, Sacred Heart High School, and Ell-Saline High School have already graduated.

While seniors at the high school are now finished, the rest of the students still a few days left. The last day of school for both USD 305 and USD 306 is Wednesday, May 22nd.