Large Drug Seizure, Arrest

Officers from the I 135 / I 70 Drug Task force executing a search warrant make an arrest and seize a large amount of illegal drugs.

According to the Salina Police Department, on Thursday as a result of an investigation, a search warrant was obtained for 105 S. 11th Street in Salina, the residence of Jack Douglas Boster.

Boster was observed leaving his residence driving a 2004 Chevrolet Pickup. Boster’s Kansas Driver’s License is suspended. An officer conducted a traffic stop of Boster’s vehicle in the 400 block of S. Santa Fe Avenue. During the traffic stop, officers located an open beer can in the center console. Boster was taken into custody for the traffic violations.

The search warrant was then executed at 105 S. 11th in Salina.

During the search of Boster’s bedroom agents located the following items:

• A small quantity of methamphetamine,

• Items of drug paraphernalia,

• A large quantity of marijuana, which included marijuana in bulk and marijuana packaged in individual plastic bags for sale,

• Approximately 10 pounds of loose suspected Synthetic Cannabinoids, which included 15 gallon size plastic bags of suspected Synthetic Cannabinoids (Potpourri) and an open gallon size bag of suspected Synthetic Cannabinoids (Potpourri),

• 77 canisters of suspected Synthetic Cannabinoids (Potpourri) which were labeled and packaged for sale,

• A 12 gauge shotgun with an illegal length barrel, a 20 gauge shotgun, two semi-automatic pistols, an assault Rifle, and numerous rounds of ammunition for each weapon,

• A large amount of U.S. Currency,

• Various amounts of assorted controlled narcotic prescription medications.

No Kansas Tax Stamps were located on the drug items or on the packages that contained the drug items.

All items are being sent to the KBI for testing and additional charges may be added pending on lab results.

Jack Douglas Boster was booked into the Saline County Jail with the following charges:
One count of Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Distribute,
One count of Possession of a controlled Substance (Morphine),
One count of Possession of a controlled Substance (Hydrocodone),
One count of Possession of a Depressant (Alprazolam),
Five counts of No Kansas Drug Tax Stamp,
One count of Receiving Drug Proceeds,
One count of Possession of Methamphetamine,
One count of Misdemeanor Possession of Drug Paraphernalia,
One count of Possession of Felony Drug Paraphernalia,
One count of Criminal Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon,
One count of Criminal Use of a Weapon,
One count of Driving on a Suspended Driver’s License,
One count of Transporting an Open Container.

This investigation is still ongoing and further arrests are expected.