Lakewood Reclamation

Three phases will lead to a more vital fishing lake at Lakewood Park in Salina.

Brian Underwood is Supervisor of Natural Resources at Lakewood Discovery Center and says the process is already underway, “Right now you can catch as many kind of fish as you want in any means that is still within legal fishing, and you do have to have a license,” Underwood said.

“The goal is to get the anglers to get some use out of the fish that we do have before we take out the rest.” Creel and length limits will not be enforced during public salvage and additional means of take will be allowed.

Phase two will begin on October 1, when wildlife officials will help remove the remaining fish by using a natural compound known as Rotenone to the kill the overpopulation of invasive species like gizzard shad and crappie. All fish will be disposed of by KDWPT and park staff.

Once fish have been removed, the lake’s reclamation will begin with a fresh stocking of bluegill later in the fall.

Largemouth bass and catfish will be stocked next spring.

Water quality testing results will then allow rainbow trout to be stocked for the trout season, which opens November 1.

Coming up Tuesday, September 27, the Lakewood Discovery Center will host an informational night beginning at 5pm.

Kansas Wildlife biologist Bryan Sowards will be on hand to describe some of the techniques used to gather fish samples and take questions about fisheries programs.

For more information contact the Lakewood Discovery Center at  (785) 826-7335.