Labor Dept Warns of Online Fraud

The Kansas Department of Labor is urging everyone to beware of fraudulent social media accounts and websites seeking to scam those seeking unemployment benefits.

According to the agency, there are fraudulent social media accounts and websites impersonating the Kansas Department of Labor. These accounts and websites are not managed by KDOL.  Do not click on any links or provide any personal information to these accounts.

If you receive a message or comment from a social media account impersonating the KDOL, report it immediately.

Make sure you are only using or when accessing your unemployment benefits account.

How to check if the social media account is not a scam:

  • Check the name of the account for any spelling errors or letters replaced by numbers (0 instead of O)
  • Check that the handle is correct (@KansasDOL)
  • Check how many likes and followers the page has. The official KDOL page has over 30 thousand at this time.
  • Check that the correct address listed on the page.
  • Check that the correct email and website are listed on the page.