KWU Signs New Agreement With Garden City

Kansas Wesleyan University and Garden City Community College have signed an agreement to work together.

According to KWU, the two schools have updated articulation agreements for the Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees.  Additionally, a transfer agreement was updated for a 2+2 agreement for Fire Science and Emergency Management.  The final renewal of agreements signed was a reverse transfer agreement between the two schools.

These agreements ensure that students wishing to transfer on to Kansas Wesleyan from Garden City Community College have optimal transition opportunities available.  The articulation agreement for the Associate in Arts and Associate of Science will provide students with a structured plan for how courses transfer from Garden City Community College to Kansas Wesleyan University.  The 2+2 agreement provides students with seamless transitions from the GCCC Fire Science degree into a pathway toward a Bachelor’s degree in Emergency Management from Kansas Wesleyan.  Reverse Transfer provides a structured plan for assisting students who transfer from GCCC prior to earning their Associate’s degree, and allows them to reverse hours earned at Kansas Wesleyan to complete requirements at GCCC to earn their degree.

According to Ryan Ruda, Vice President of Instruction and Student Services at GCCC, these type of agreements benefit students and lay out clear pathways for the students when transferring.  Said Ruda, “Ultimately, each of these agreements provide a foundation for assisting our students in the transfer process.  My goal is to help facilitate the transfer process and make the transition from GCCC to four year institutions as seamless as possible.  The agreements and partnership with Kansas Wesleyan help to assist students in the transfer process and provide a structured advising and degree completion option.”

Dr. Mark A. Bandré, Kansas Wesleyan University Vice President for Enrollment Management, also expressed his appreciation for the agreements between the two schools.  “From our end, we at Kansas Wesleyan tremendously value the opportunity to partner in delivering high quality continued educational experiences to interested GCCC students.  Intentional efforts to partner for over three years is an important indication of shared responsibility to the community for us, and we look forward to continued joint service,” said Bandré.