#KSUnite Addresses Hate and Discrimination

In response to recent incidents suggesting identity-based hate and tension existed on the Kansas State University, thousands of students, faculty and staff gathered Tuesday to recommit to stand against hate and discrimination and to unite as a K-State community.

The president of Kansas State University’s Black Student Union, Darrell Reese, says these incidents – and many more that never get reported – are directly affecting multi-cultural, LGBTQ and Black students at the university.

Reese said “we are hurt. we are discouraged, we are in pain. We know that we are living in trying times at Kansas State University and in our nation. These incidents cause us to think are we safe? Who can I trust? Do people really care?”

Even though he’s hurting, Reese says he’s hopeful, and even though he’s sad, he’s not lost his faith. He said “we know that it is time for change. It is time for action. And, I know we will continue to make the necessary steps to do so. So, K-State family, it’s time to get to work.”

Kansas State University president Richard Myers says racism and hatred are contagious diseases that are epidemic in our country – and it’s time to take a stand. Myers said “it’s time for all of us to stand up as a family…as a community…to unite around our values when we see anger, hate, and divisiveness.”

According to Myers, the national tone, lack of civility and lack of clarity a round our national values is affecting the campus and community. He says social media makes it easy to spread misinformation, hate, and divisiveness – something he’s seen before as a four-star General fighting terrorism. He said “that’s how terrorism works. But, it’s also how white supremacy, racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia work. It’s about creating fear. It’s about recruitment. Recruiting vulnerable people. Creating fear based on false evidence. And getting people to tear down their own institutions and their government structures and their communities.”

Myers says Kansas State intends to become a place that seeks to understand the causes of fear and create in everyone something better, something healthier.

Story from Kansas State University




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