KSU Salina Students Recognized

A student from Salina is among two Kansas State University Salina students who have been recognized for their hard work and achievements both inside and outside of the classroom.

According to K-State Salina, the campus presents these awards to students annually to recognize efforts that go above and beyond the expected duties of getting a college education.

Bryce Griffin, graduate student in integrated systems design and dynamics, Salina, is the recipient of the K-State Salina Student Employee of the Year award. This award recognizes the invaluable work student employees perform at the Salina campus by demonstrating reliability, initiative and professionalism and leaving a lasting impact on those they assist in day-to-day operations. Griffin is a student employee in K-State Salina’s Information Technology, or IT, department.

According to his nominators, Griffin represents himself and the IT department well and treats anyone who comes into the office with respect.

“He makes sure to interact with those around him with a great attitude,” nominators said. “On top of soft skills, he also takes the time to learn hard skills well, even volunteering and requesting to be trained on things that don’t necessarily fall into his responsibilities, so he’s able to assist if needed.”

Jack Byrne, senior in professional pilot, Wichita, is this year’s Outstanding Graduating Senior Award recipient. The recognition acknowledges the campus’s strongest student leaders who have made outstanding contributions to student life during their K-State careers. Byrne is a resident assistant in Earhart Hall and a certified flight instructor for K-State Salina’s flight program.

According to nominators, Byrne’s friendly attitude is contagious.

“He genuinely gets to know his residents, aviation students and the campus community,” nominators said. “He is respected by his peers, faculty and staff.”

Byrne also received the Dean of Students Outstanding Graduation Senior Award, which acknowledges the significant contributions of graduating seniors universitywide to student life during their K-State careers.

K-State Salina is committed to recognizing the efforts and accomplishments of its students who provide important contributions to the campus. This recognition helps elevate the commitment, perseverance and passion for learning demonstrated by students.

“It is important to honor the outstanding achievements of our students who work hard and excel in all facets of their education,” said Kyle Chamberlin, assistant dean of the Division of Academic Success and Student Affairs. “We recognize Bryce’s and Jack’s exceptional efforts and celebrate their successes. Both students provide so many outstanding qualities to our campus and are developing into leaders who will thrive in their professional industries and the communities that they will call home after graduation.”

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Photo via KSU Salina – Jack Byrne, left, senior in professional pilot, and Bryce Griffin, graduate student in integrated systems design and dynamics, have both been recognized for their service to the K-State Salina campus.