KSU Salina Offering New Master’s Degree

Professionals looking to become leaders and advance their careers in their respective industries will now have the option to expand their knowledge and skills with a new online degree, the Master of Science in integrated systems design and dynamics, offered by K-State Salina.

Available in eight-week course structures, this program is designed for working professionals to develop core skills in cybernetic engineering, systems architecture, technology integration, systems modeling and simulation. Students can also specialize their degree in one of the following areas: systems management, machine learning, autonomous systems, aerospace systems, cyber defense and aerospace materials.

Michael Pritchard, K-State Salina associate dean of research and graduate studies, said that the new degree is unique in both its content and delivery.

“This program teaches students to build and develop technologically complex systems,” Pritchard said. “Our industry marketing research found that employers really value individuals who have ‘system-oriented thinking’ — an ability to create technology while still maintaining a broader contextual eye toward the entire ecosystem.

No GRE or GMAT is required for admission to the Master of Science program in integrated systems design and dynamics. While a bachelor’s degree is required, a STEM-related bachelor’s degree is not. Professional industry experience is accepted for admission consideration.

Students who complete this new degree will be eligible for careers that include systems engineer, cybersecurity analyst, machine learning engineer, artificial intelligence engineer, smart materials and manufacturing engineer, systems manager and more.

“The Aerospace and Technology Campus continues to grow its offerings in postgraduate study,” said Alysia Starkey, K-State Salina CEO and dean. “This campus understands the needs of industry and prepares graduates to have the skills and knowledge to help companies succeed.”

Applications are now being accepted for the integrated systems and design and dynamics graduate program, which will start in the spring 2023 semester. A $5,000 scholarship is available to the first 20 students who are fully qualified for admission to this program. More information is available at salina.k-state.edu/academics/degree-options/master-integrated-systems-design.

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KSU Salina Photo: K-State Salina is offering a Master of Science in integrated systems design and dynamics that will begin in the spring 2023 semester. The program — designed for working professionals — develops students’ understanding and core skills in cybernetic engineering, systems architecture, technology integration, systems modeling and simulation.