KSU Polytechnic Student From Bennington Named To SGA Leadership

Students at Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus recently elected new Student Governing Association, or SGA, leadership for the 2021-22 academic year.

Jon Martin, junior in computer systems technology, Bennington, will serve as student body president and Eric Webb, junior in computer systems technology, Wichita, will serve as student body vice president.

Both Martin and Webb previously held SGA positions. Martin served on the cabinet as treasurer, and Webb was a senator and webmaster.

“While I’m president, I will be working with our student government and the administration to build a strong sense of community on campus — something that has become even more important because of COVID-19,” said Martin.

Webb echoes Martin’s goal as many clubs dissolved during the pandemic. In the fall semester, the duo will strive to increase student involvement.

“With everybody coming back after losing a year together, we want to focus on unifying the student body to bring back the sense of belonging and family to campus,” Webb said.

Leading by example, Martin and Webb want to remind students about the importance of academic and social clubs. Both leaders plan to revive the Association for Computing Machinery club. The association is the professional organization for computer scientists. The student chapter sponsors guest speakers, programming contests and game nights. The group also organizes open house activities and conducts tutoring sessions for computer science courses.

During the pandemic, the K-State Polytechnic’s SGA moved its meetings online. Every student was invited to join the weekly sessions via Zoom. SGA’s new leadership will continue using the online platform to be all-inclusive, but in-person meetings following social distancing guidelines are planned.

Martin is confident his team will make a positive difference.

“When I decided to run, I immediately reached out to Eric, the most hardworking and responsible person I know with a real passion for our student government,” Martin said.

Martin also appreciates the faculty at K-State Polytechnic.

“Never have I been a part of a community so dedicated to everyone’s success and well-being,” he said. “Professors and other staff alike are great resources. They encourage and lead you to accomplish your goals.”