KSHSAA: 2022-23 General Classifications

TOPEKA, Kan – The 2022-23 KSHSAA senior high membership is 354 schools.  Wichita-Northeast Magnet school is an unclassified member school.


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School classification changes with enrollment ranges are as follows:

[Last year’s (2021-22) classification is shown in parenthesis.]

Class                           Number of Schools                                 Range                             Schools Changing Class


6A                                                  36                                             2430-1340                         Shawnee-Mill Valley (5A)



5A                                                  36                                             1306-735                           Hutchinson (6A)



4A                                                  36                                               711-323                            Hugoton (3A)



3A                                                  64                                               313-174                            Concordia (4A)

Atchison-Maur Hill Mount                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Academy (2A)

Effingham-Atchison County                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Community (2A)



2A                                                  64                                               173-110                            Easton-Pleasant Ridge (3A)

Hays-Thomas More Prep-Marian (3A)

Atwood-Rawlins County (1A)

Leoti-Wichita County (1A)

Meade (1A)

Topeka-Cair Paravel (1A)



1A                                                  117                                             109-10                              Lawrence-Bishop Seabury Academy (2A)

Pratt-Skyline (2A)

Rosalia-Flinthills (2A)

Yates Center (2A)

Olathe-Kansas School for the Deaf (NEW)