Known Shoplifting Suspect Sought

Salina Police are looking for a known female suspect in a shoplifting case that took a violent turn.

Police Captain Jim Feldman tells KSAL News that staff at Lowe’s Home Improvement Center contacted staff at Vanderbilts after a woman with a propensity to steal entered Lowe’s.

Police say the 41-year-old female handed a bag to the service counter staff to hold while she shopped. Clothing items from Vanderbilts in the bag still had anti-theft devices attached to them – so staff called the store.

An employee from Vanderbilts came over and confirmed the clothes were stolen, moments later the suspect confronted them – wrestled the bag a away and ran out of the store, ultimately throwing the bag of jeans, T-shirts and perfume into the parking lot.

Authorities report she’ll face requested charges for theft, robbery and criminal threat when she is found.