Kirstie Alley Decorates Wichita House With Movie Set

Actress Kirstie Alley has decorated a Wichita home she owns with a Santa’s Village set she saved from her 1993 film “Look Who’s Talking Now.”

It had been several years since she put up the set in her childhood hometown. The set appeared in a scene where Alley, playing Mollie Ubriacco, loses her job and needs to earn extra money. She takes a job working as an elf for a surly mall Santa.

The large panels painted with festive Christmas town scenes span 120 feet and are 18 feet high at some points. They first appeared in Wichita nine years ago.

On Wednesday morning, Alley tweeted a picture of the village, and wrote, “I have a village to tend to today…final touches..makes everyone smile.”

Associated Press information from: The Wichita Eagle