KHP Continues Tattoo Policy Evaluation

As the Kansas Highway Patrol reviews its tattoo policy, the agency has released the results of a recent survey on the topic.

According to the agency, in January the Kansas Highway Patrol conducted an unscientific survey to poll the public’s perceptions of tattoos in law enforcement, as it related to the Kansas Highway Patrol’s policy on tattoos.

The overall consensus on many of the questions was that people were not bothered by law enforcement officers’, or civilian workers’ tattoos, provided they are not offensive. The survey was open nationwide for anyone to take, allowed for multiple entries, and the results are not deemed scientific.

The agency is still evaluating its current tattoo policy, and will be comparing the results of the KHP survey to scientific national surveys for comparative analysis.

The Patrol formed a committee to evaluate the tattoo policy months ago, and they will soon provide recommendations to the superintendent concerning whether the current policy should be altered.

The response to the survey exceeded expectations. During the 21 days the survey was open, 21,526 people took it, surpassing the number of responses the Patrol had hoped for.