Kansas Supreme Court to Hear Murder Case

The case of two men convicted in the deaths of five Wichita residents will be heard in court on Monday.

The Kansas Supreme Court will hear the case of Jonathan and Reginald Carr, who have spent two decades on death row after being convicted in 2000 for the rape, torture and murders of five people.

The Carr brothers were convicted for killing three men and a woman on Dec. 15, 2000, as the victims knelt side-by-side on a snow-covered soccer field.

The four friends and another woman who was shot in the head but survived were at a Wichita home when two armed intruders forced them to engage in sex with each other, then made them withdraw money from automated teller machines.

Attorneys for the Carr brothers are trying to get their clients’ death sentences overturned.

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Photo: Jonathan Carr (Left) Reginald Carr (Right)