Kansas Sorghum Invests in the Future

The Kansas Grain Sorghum Commission (the KGSC) will invest approximately $1.79 million into programs of sorghum promotion, research, information, industry information, foreign and domestic marketing, and producer communications during fiscal year 2024, subject to USDA approval.

According to the organization, in action at its September budget board meeting in Manhattan, the KGSC approved a budget and also made clear priorities going forward due to its new Chairman Brant Peterson, and the changing dynamics of the industry.

The research committee and industry dynamics helped drive these decisions, such as water and the role of sorghum in the state, which is clearly important regarding crop rotation, sustainability, conservation, and profitability.

“I know I speak for all the sorghum growers when I say we take our roles on this leadership obligation very seriously,” said new KGSC Chairman Brant Peterson. “Sorghum is instrumental in my area. I am excited to be a part of Team Sorghum’s leadership. The commission examines all the requests very carefully to determine which proposed initiatives and activities will provide the greatest return on investments for Kansans. There is more to come.”

The KGSC is open to innovation and diversity and wants to evolve in all areas as it begins to construct its planning for fiscal year 2025. Contractors, other institutions, and media companies are welcome to put in their new plans.