Kansas Senate votes to legalize sports betting

At approximately 1:45 AM local time on Friday, the Kansas Senate voted to pass bill 84, to legalize sports wagering in the state.

It wasn’t a simple discussion, as one of this gravity held many pros and cons in the eyes of senators in each party, but needing 21 votes to pass, that’s exactly what the state received, passing 21-13 during the overnight session.

The bill still needs approval from Democratic Governor Laura Kelly, but Kelly has been in favor of the movement for some time, and all reports lead to her approval of the bill sometime near July 1st.

This means that sports wagering could become active in the state of Kansas as early as September, a welcome sight for football fans. This action would make Kansas the 32nd state in the U.S. to legalize sports betting in some form, with each state having small intricacies between one another.

Information on Senate Bill 84 can be found HERE.