Kansas Republicans to Object Electoral College Certification

At least one of Kansas’ U.S Senators and three Republican U.S. Representatives are planning to speak out during the electoral college certification process.

Newly elected Senator Roger Marshall says he will object, joining a group of a about a dozen Republican Senators.

Congressman Ron Estes released a statement announcing he and fellow Kansas Republican Congressmen Tracey Mann and Jake LaTurner will object to certain states during the electoral college certification on Wednesday. Estes noted that Kansas’ Republican delegation in the House will object because several states are facing allegations of voter fraud and violations of their own state laws.

At least one member from both chambers of Congress must object to force a vote. It will put Republicans on the record if they believe President Trump’s claims of widespread voter fraud or not.

Congress is scheduled to meet on Wednesday to certify the winner.

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Photo: (from left) Senator Roger Marshall and Rep. Tracey Mann will both object during the electoral college certification process.