Kansas Prisons Saw Staff Vacancies Increase at End of July

Figures from the Kansas Department of Corrections show that state prisons saw an increase in staff vacancies at the end of July.

Figures released Thursday showed 268 vacancies in positions for uniformed officers as of Tuesday. The department reported 236 vacancies on July 24.

The figures also showed that the El Dorado Correctional Facility saw its number of vacancies among uniformed officers jump from to 84 as of Tuesday from 73 on July 24. The prison has been the site of several inmate disturbances in recent months.

The vacancy rate at the El Dorado prison among uniformed officers was 23 percent as of Tuesday.

Prisons in Ellsworth, Hutchinson and Lansing also saw increases in uniformed-officer vacancies.

The department released the data to The Associated Press in response to a request.